— The Magazine 

Tasked to create and design a new magazine:

  • 1 x Masthead
  • 3 x Magazine covers
  • 2 x Magazine layouts

Working with 2 other designer we came up with the concept ‘Zeitgeister.’

“A magazine that represented the here and now, encompassing the latest trends but still referencing and taking from the old.”

The magazine covers incorporate old printmaking techniques (Woodblock relief printing, screen printing and Monoprinting) to create the Visual Style & imagery that is carried throughout the magazine.

I chose to keep the magazine layouts simple and clean by focusing on the interplay of text and image, the materiality of the paper stock juxtaposed against the texture and colour.

Ideation:  Christian Rodriguez, Robert Aquino 
Design: Christian Rodriguez
November 2014 The University of Technology of Sydney


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